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Thumbs up!"The liquorice and mints together offer a natural and subtle sweetness, making the name of this tea completely appropriate."
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choice-tea.jpgLiquorice (or licorice, as I have always spelled it) is one of those flavors that generally evokes a strong response: either you love it or you hate it. In my case, I love it, so of course I was very excited to try Choice Organics Sweet Liquorice Mint. The tea is packaged in a fully biodegradable silk pyramid and contains 100% organic ingredients. I have always had some reservations about bagged tea, but this blend contained what appeared to be very high quality ingredients, and large bits of each ingredient- no tea dust or minuscule specks here. Although the first ingredient is liquorice root, the spearmint and peppermint leaves were most obvious, visually speaking, because of their bright colors. As far as the brewed tea goes, however, there is no doubt that the liquorice is the star of this show. The liquorice flavor is clean and refreshing, and, it must be noted, very strong. I could almost compare the taste in my mouth after drinking this tea to the taste one experiences when eating very strong black liquorice candies (not sugary watered-down black Twizzlers, but the real-deal old-fashioned liquorice candies). If you don't love liquorice, then you might find the liquorice to be a bit too intense...but then again, if you didn't like liquorice, you probably wouldn't find yourself drinking a tea named "Sweet Liquorice Mint" in the first place. As someone that loves black liquorice, I found the flavor to be just what the doctor ordered. The peppermint and spearmint blended effortlessly with the liquorice, and left my entire mouth feeling clean and crisp. The liquorice and mints together offer a natural and subtle sweetness, making the name of this tea completely appropriate. On the package, Choice Organics recommends sweetening with honey or sugar if desired, but this is a blend that can do without the addition of any sweeteners. For me, this tea is a definite must-have and one I intend to purchase soon. I would recommend this blend to anyone that can appreciate the strong and distinct flavor of liquorice.

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