Infusing Tea in Desserts

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Just recently I experimented in bringing together two of my newest found loves-- chocolate and tea. Since my guy-of-interest has an affinity for green teas, I decided to use my Teavana stash of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Scented Green Tea. I sweetened the tea just a bit with a splash of honey and cinnamon, infused it into a rich milk chocolate ganache,  covered it in a bittersweet chocolate shell and topped it off with a mixture of sweetened coconut flakes, some toasted and some not.

The result? It was exactly what I was going for! I loved it; he loved it. I still get rave reviews about it!

Tea offers inspiration in culinary exploration. Infusing tea in deserts introduces a new realm of complexity and exotic flavor options. It's really easy to do; just get any recipe you would like to infuse the tea in and replace the liquid ingredient with tea!

To do this, it's important to keep 2 things in mind:
The base of the liquid and the intensity of the tea.  If the liquid is a water base then replace the liquid component directly with tea steeped in water.  If the liquid is a milk base then replace the liquid component directly with tea steeped in milk!

In regards to intensity, just keep in mind that the other ingredients in the recipe will act to mellow out the tea flavor. Milk-based tea will also act to soften the infusion. In that regard, it is important to REALLY make your tea strong! You can do this by increasing both the steep time and tea amount. Do not be afraid of making your tea "too strong" for this processs-- those green tea truffles I made required 4 times the amount of steeping material and I even ground the dragon pearls to extract even more flavor. Flavor extraction is truly a trial and error process-- be prepared to get full from all the taste-tests!
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