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Thumbs up!"The cup was rich and flavorful-soothing, deep and complex yet very mellow as to not overexcite the palate. "
Tiffany’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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golden-moon-sugar-caramel-o.jpgI love the description of this tea:
"Premium quality green oolong leaves, tightly rolled and carefully hand-crafted, infused with sweet essences of rich caramel and burnt sugar. Crystal clear, jade liquor. Mellow and aromatic, yet slightly free spirited. Complex balance of subtle, lingering floral notes and a deep sweetness. Poet's cup."

The scent of this tea fills the nostrils with a deep and rich aroma with sweet underlying tones.

Upon filtering the tea, you are reminded of the flavorful aroma which acts to excite and refresh the senses.

Without any added sweetener or cream, the quality of the green oolong leaves is distinct and the sweetness of the caramel is present but there is some slight bitterness also present in the mix. Perhaps it's just me, since I do consider some teas to be naturally bitter despite the
quality. I usually have to add sweetener to these teas, which I did instinctively to this blend.

The sweetener got rid of the slight bitterness and allowed me to enjoy the elegant flavor of this cup. The experience revealed that this was indeed premium quality green oolong. I was also pleased that the caramel was more of an undertone flavoring to further enhance the flavor of the oolong rather than the dominating factor. The cup was rich and flavorful-soothing, deep and complex yet very mellow as to not overexcite the palate. The vender description explained the taste perfectly in mentioning the "complex balance of subtle, lingering floral notes and a deep sweetness." The only problem I had with this tea at
this point was that the caramel flavor, while enjoyable, was not as authentic as I had hoped for. Adding creamer was next on my list. This took care of the authenticity of the caramel flavor and it really worked to complement the tea quite well! The milky texture really brought about richness to the caramel flavor while still allowing the green oolong to have dominance over the flavor. The experience was dramatically turned around-the creamer was a fantastic enhancing element to the tea.

I found this to be a wonderful tea for the avid tea drinker in that the flavor stayed true to preserving the oolong flavor rather than cover it up with the caramel. It is also a fantastic tea for novice tea drinkers as well in that it acts to introduce a quality oolong flavor in a very
enjoyable manner. This tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It has a wonderful
elegant flavor as it also gives a slight refreshing tanginess that is wonderfully paired with a soothing element brought about by creamer with a nice lively kick introduced by the underlying tone of caramel.

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