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Thumbs up!"The flavor of this tea is dominated by cinnamon, but also has nice floral and fruity undertones with just a bit of acidic zing to it."
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cinnamonplum.jpgThe Cinnamon Plum botanical blend is to be added to the long and growing list of impressive and noteworthy products available from the folks at Rishi Tea. To start, this tea is a visual treat. Appearing almost like potpourri, it contains variable-sized pieces of flower petals, fruits, roots and bark. According to Rishi's website, this blend contains organic hibiscus, cinnamon, currants, and licorice root, and natural plum flavor. One whiff of this blend was enough to convince me that I would love this tea. The sweet cinnamon fragrance is simply divine and instantly evoked images of coffee cakes and streudels. I brewed this tea as directed, using boiling water and steeping for five minutes. I noticed that this tea seems to have the tendency to settle out by particle size, so you will definitely want to shake up the dry blend to make sure that you get a nice even assortment of the different-sized ingredients in your infusion. The infusion started out as a questionable purplish color (think grape Kool-Aid) but later became a darker red. A tantalizing spicy cinnamon aroma emanated from the infusion, providing a much-welcomed hint of what was to come. This naturally caffeine-free herbal blend has all of the attributes that make it a perfect beverage for autumn and winter. The flavor of this tea is dominated by cinnamon, but also has nice floral and fruity undertones with just a bit of acidic zing to it (although I am most appreciative that this tea is not named "Cinnamon Plum Zinger"). While the flavor in this brew is certainly unique, it also bears many similarites to apple cider. After enjoying most of my cup, I decided to add some sugar to the last portion of tea. For the record, that was a big mistake, and one that I would caution you not to make. Unless you are someone who enjoys drinking corn syrup right out of the bottle, you will likely find that adding sugar makes the tea entirely too sweet. The natural sweetness provided by the mix of currants, plum flavor, and cinnamon was more than sufficient.
This was the first herbal tea (or "botanical blend") that I have sampled from the Rishi tea line, and I was thoroughly impressed. Just like the large variety of their green and black teas that I have been lucky enough to sample, their Cinnamon Plum is a top-notch and high-quality product. As an added note, this tea is definitely affordable; a 3.7 ounce purchase (which comes in a copper tea tin) will only set you back $8. The only downside to this tea is that is only available seasonally. Hurry now and get yours before the season passes!

— To purchase Rishi Tea Organic Cinnamon Plum, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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