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Thumbs up!"The flavors blend beautifully. The tea is very nutty, which is delicious. "
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I opened this tea bag and took a deep breath and almost fell over, it smelled SO good! Tea Guy's Gingersnap Cookie is like the smell of an amazing dessert - but I didn't think it smelled like gingersnap cookies...don't expect something spicy or very gingery, and the smell is nothing like gingersnaps baking. My ONLY issue with this tea is its name. But what's in name, anyway?

Well, to begin with, this tea is in a rooibos base. That was an excellent choice. I think a black tea might have been too strong for it. Plus, I can't handle caffeine in the evening if I plan on sleeping, and the evening is a great time to brew up a mug or a pot of this tea (if you respond to this tea like I did, you'll want more than one cup!). The rooibos has such a warm, rounded mellow taste to it that it is a pleasant background to all the great flavors in this tea.

When you look at the dry leaf, you'll want to examine it closely. The ingredients are as follows: Organic Rooibos, pineapple, mango, papaya, glazed almonds, cococut, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, and natural flavors. You can actually see most of these ingredients in the tea! It's marvelous! I found a candied almond in my tea, coconut chunks, bits of candied fruit, and dried pineapple. Wow, so far, smelling and seeing were believing. I couldn't wait to brew it. The flavors blend beautifully. The tea is very nutty, which is delicious. I would say that is the strongest flavor in the tea. Perhaps
because of all the different types of nuts included in the brew, the overall flavor is just pleasantly creamy and nutty. The fruits in the blend seem to bank up the sides of the flavor and make this tea wonderfully satisfying, full tasting and dessert like.

This is a great seasonal brew - a lot of fun and a nice instance where the aroma of the dried leaf and the taste of the brewed tea are right on the same page.

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