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Thumbs up!"This tea has a very strong, rich and powerful taste analogous to espresso. They both share the similar distinguishing component of slight bitterness. Definitely serves to wake up the senses."
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jacksons-assam.jpg"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world" - Tien Yheng; couldn't agree more! That was the quote typed on the tea bag package itself.  On to the tea review:

I enjoyed this tea after a 2 minute steep with just boiled water, as the instructions suggested.  Color was a deep rich brown which gave the illusion of coffee (which was highly appropriate since this tea was essentially the tea equivalent of espresso). The strong aroma was defined by its prominent ale-like fragrance. The overall experience of just observing the visual and aromatic components of the tea was rather enticing.

I was far too impatient upon taking my first sip that I burnt my tongue! And while I barely got any tea in my mouth, I learned that there was definitely some truth to their advertising. "Full bodied" proved to not be a descriptive exaggeration. That dot of tea on my tongue was extremely flavorful-it actually surprised me! I could even pick out the rich taste of deep amber liquor. It was evident that I was dealing with a distinctive, rich and full-bodied tea, as promised. After finally waiting for it to cool to a more comfortable temperature, I was able to confirm that was the case.

This tea has a very strong, rich and powerful taste analogous to espresso. They both share the similar distinguishing component of slight bitterness. Definitely serves to wake up the senses. This would serve perfectly as a breakfast brew.

The experience is complimented by the long lasting flavor that lingers just long enough after swallowing to deem it enjoyable as it dwindles away to not leave any nasty aftertaste.

Sweetener works wonderfully with this tea, but it is not a requirement. Considering that this tea is much like an espresso, you can enjoy it in the same means: "black", with sugar, milk or creamer of any flavor. Sweetener complements the complex flavor well while preserving its distinguishing attributes as well as preserving the overall experience. I have had some teas where adding sweetener completely changes the experience-that is not the case here.

A dash of milk brings out the caramel flavor and works wonderfully with the amber. This gives a remarkably different experience that is highly enjoyable. A fantastic "feel good" dessert; much like a dessert coffee which makes me curious as to how the richness of this tea would pair with flavored creamers.  Basically, this tea drinks like espresso while introducing complexity to
the flavor.

— To purchase Jacksons of Piccadilly Fair Trade Assam, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Carla Says:

    I have hoarded this tea for years because I heard they were not producing Assam anymore and they didnt for the past year or so. I am an Assam snob and this tea is proabably the richest and most sensual assam I have had. I am addicted to it as a morning tea, not because of the caffination, but because of the emotional feel good about having such a flavorful and comforting taste. I add a level teaspoon of dark brown sugar and a spot of fresh cream. Yikes. It feels like love!

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