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Its OK"It is very light and refreshing, but almost too watery when made by the directions. However, I did manage to suck this right down and went for my second cup while writing this!"
Laura’s Teaview: 6.5/10
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specialteaslemondrop.jpgAs I write this it has been a non-stop rainy Saturday. Not particularly cool outside, but such that it puts me in the mood for hot tea all the same. Ok, well alot of things put me in the mood for a good cup--I've been known to have a steaming cup of tea on a 90+ degree day! Back to matter at hand... I'm in the mood for something lemony and without much caffeine cuz its getting late. I've been trying to drink green tea more regularly so when I stumbled across this sample, I was pleased.

When I opened the packet a very strong lemon aroma hit me falling nothing short of the scent of a tart candy lemon drop. They definately got the name right from that aspect. SpecialTeas describes this as a sencha green tea flavored with ginger, lemon myrtle, citrus peels, lemon grass, orange bits and English chamomile with a refreshing, vitalizing lemon-ginger flavor. I heated the water to steaming with bubbles forming on the bottom of the pot and steeped for one minute as suggested. Since I like things lightly sweetened, I blindly added a teaspoon of brown rock cane sugar. It brewed up to a beautiful lemon yellow as expected and made the kitchen smell wonderful. Since lemon drops are tart, I was expecting this to be a fairly tart lemon tea. Surprisingly it turned out to be a very light lemon flavored tea. The lemon flavor overpowers the the ginger, orange bits chamomille, and the green tea for that matter. It is very light and refreshing, but almost too watery when made by the directions. However, I did manage to suck this right down and went for my second cup while writing this!

I had enough left in the sample to nearly double the amount of tea used for that cup--so that would be slightly over 3 tsps of tea for my 12 oz cup. This one does taste more like a herbal, but there is green tea in here so you can't steep it any longer. I kept the sugar at one tsp (watching my waistline). This, too, was pretty good and I could taste the ginger a bit more. I did not try this iced and I would be nervous that adding an ice cube to this would turn into basically water with lemon. If I were to drink it cold, I would probably brew it like I did for the second cup and just put it in the refrigerator and I can imagine that as being good.

Overall, I enjoyed this tea and can envision myself drinking it as a substitute for hot water with lemon sometime when I have sore throat. I could definately drink it again, but I don't know that it will become a constant staple in my tea cupboard.

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