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Its OK"Peppermint dominated the sight and smell of it like a green-clad wrestler."
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mightyleaf-organic-detox.jpgDetox teas are a hit-or-miss affair. The majority of the ones I've tried - all two of 'em - have a very common aesthetic. The liquid looks like something you'd find in an uncleaned fishbowl, and the taste isn't that much different. Last I checked, teas shouldn't be a murky, off-brown. That's a color reserved for public restrooms.

Thankfully, Mighty Leaf is a bit of a class act. Their detox formula doesn't remind me of the "before picture" in a detergent commercial. That and I can identify the ingredients as being things I've tried, rather than something muttered by three witches in a Shakespeare play - always reassuring. Unfortunately, one of the ingredients happened to be the most dominant, and one I didn't care for - peppermint.

I can't stand peppermint in anything but candy canes and Altoids. The only time I run into it in tea form seems to be on the holidays. Whoever decided that peppermint was the official Christmas flavor deserves to be bludgeoned with a candy cane-shaped Nerf weapon. Granted, it's supposedly good for digestion, in addition to having anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Who cares? It gives me wretched heartburn and makes me sneeze. Too bad the tea sachet for the Mighty Leaf Organic Detox Infusion wreaked of the stuff.

Peppermint dominated the sight and smell of it like a green-clad wrestler. I think I detected a bit of a licorice scent, but it was heavily overpowered by the mint magnitude. I brewed the sachet for five minutes. The liquor turned a deep gold, just shy of coppering. As for smell, the peppermint was still quite strong. Thankfully, the taste was a bit more layered. Licorice and basil were present and added a bit more character.

I'm sure there are peppermint people polishing pitchforks in response to my opinion. To whom, I'll hold up my breath mints in surrender, half-hypocrite. They'll like this tea quite a bit. I simply speak for the naysayers. Even so, it defies the odds as both a peppermint tea and a detox tea. I still drank it, so there.

Now put the torches down.

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