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Its OK"To my relief, sweet stevia and lemon myrtle drowned out the lotion-like forefront."
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meditativetime.jpgLavender is a very pleasant scent. As a candle, it permeates and overpowers unpleasant odors - like aged, man-scented socks. As a soap, it removes the stink of cigarettes and cheap booze from party-filled yesternights. It compliments a gentle lotion often applied to a baby's bum. So, who in their right mind decided it belonged as a flavor?

Yes, I have a bias. My first two taste-tests with lavender-flavored teas led to a feeling best described as "soapmouth"; not to take away from the inevitable stomach upset. Drinking them felt like a punishment for swearing.

Yogi Tea prides themselves on concoctions suited for certain practices; diet, piece of mind, squirrel attacks, you name it. If there's an ailment, I'm sure they have a tea for it. Their Meditative Time blend has all the fixings they're known for, a veritable cornucopia of herbs and flavorings. Chimeric is an understatement. Of the few I've tried, there's always one particular taste that dominates. In this case, it's lavender.

The dry teabag smelled like lavender berry bathwash. Once infused in hot water, the liquor turned a glowing green, much like a Japanese green tea. The bathwater scent remained ever-present. To my relief, sweet stevia and lemon myrtle drowned out the lotion-like forefront. However, once I tasted it, the feeling of a flowery soap dipped in sugar hit me. The sensation dimmed a bit by the second infusion, a more tart citrus tone.

If it weren't for the added elements, this blend would be a total no-go. As it stands, it has just enough layers to make it palatable. If you happen to like the taste of lavender, then by all means, imbibe away. For those who want a little less bath with their meditation, look elsewhere.

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