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Thumbs up!"The mint is strong enough, and the puerh taste and aroma mild enough, that I think I would actually drink this without trying to cover it with another mint blend. "
Laura’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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numimintpuerh.jpg"Numi's rare Mint Puerh comes from China's majestic Yunnan Mountains where organic wild-harvested tea trees are up to 500 years old. Accented by Numi's signature organic Moroccan Mint, this tea imparts a refreshing, vibrant flavor with a smooth, mellow body and long, sweet aftertaste." ---Numi website.

Hmmm.... puerh. To be honest, I have no real puerh balls. I have several friends (who do not live nearby so I cannot go raid their stash) who just love puerh and buy expensive puerh. They rave about it all the time and that makes me want to like it. However, I have not met a puerh that I have honestly liked yet. I have found a couple that are tolerable, but even so, I do not drink them alone. I blend them with other teas so as to cover up most of that sweet, barnyard quality. Blech! I do fiddle with the idea of just going for it and buying a brick, but always chicken out. Why am I so into finding a puerh blend that I like? Let's just say (blushing) for health reasons. All that said, I do not believe that I have ever tasted a green tea puerh, and since mint is such a dominating flavor, I am thinking that I might like or at least be able to tolerate a cup of this.

The pouch that my tea bag came in cautions not to oversteep so I was careful not to brew too long or in water too hot. The aroma coming from the dry tea bag is actually quite pleasant and just smelled of a typical Moroccan Mint green tea blend--sort of spearmint-like. However, I do not think that there is anything that can completely cover-up that oddball puerh smell in the hot steam. I can think of no pleasing adjectives to describe it, but ones more like old, musty, barnyard, etc. come to mind. While you can find that puerh odor amongst the steam, the dominating smell and taste is the mint!! Hallelujah! To be sure though, this is being rated more as a puerh blend than a Moroccan Mint green tea. This would not be my favorite option if I were choosing a Moroccan Mint, but this is my new favorite puerh blend. The mint is strong enough, and the puerh taste and aroma mild enough, that I think I would actually drink this without trying to cover it with another mint blend.

Trust me when I share with you that this is glowing review for the blend despite some of obvious disdain for the way puerh in general smells/tastes. I am pretty pleased with it and will likely purchase this when my current puerh stash runs empty. I think this is a nice blend for those of us that are freaked out by puerh and for those new to it. I don't know that lovers of puerh would seek this out because the flavor and aroma are dominated by the mint, but I am thrilled to have run into this blend!

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