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Thumbs up!"The thing that sets this blend apart for me is likely the richness of the hazelnut and that the chocolate is not dominated totally by the mint. "
Laura’s Teaview: 10/10
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teavanacacaomint.jpg"The ultimate after dinner tea! Comprised of black tea with rich hazelnut and cocoa pieces make this a chocolate-lovers delight. But the smooth minty undertone really sets it apart from other teas. Add our natural Rock Sugar and a splash of cream for a decadent treat!" ----Teavana website.

I am super excited to officially review this tea because I have purchased it previously and LOVE IT! It comes as no surprise to me that this blend has a perfect 5-Star rating on Teavana's website because I can tell you that this is one of the best chocolate mint black teas on the market. I would consider it's only possible competition to be The Necessiteas Mint Chocolate Chip Black Tea, which is also quite good.

This smells fairly chocolatey and one thing to note is that I don't see any fresh mint in the blend. I do see the little nibs of cocoa and hazelnut, but no fresh mint. I infused my leaves in water that had been brought to a boil and allow to cool for a bit for four min. The thing that sets this blend apart for me is likely the richness of the hazelnut and that the chocolate is not dominated totally by the mint. The chocolate definitely holds it own in this blend. It is nicely balanced with the mint and I like the hazelnut as a player. It adds interest to an already delicious cuppa. This has some natural sweetness to it, and it truly is a decadent experience all on its own. However, if you really want dessert in a cuppa add a pinch of rock cane sugar and a splash of milk---or at my house I add chocolate milk! The only drawback to adding the milk is that it does kind of wipe out the flavor of the hazelnut so I would encourage you to try it both ways to have a complete experience.

This truly is one of my favorite blends of all time. It is just a tad on the pricey side at $6.80 for 2 oz, so if you have any concerns about it you might try buying it by the cup in the store first. I personally can find little about it that needs to be improved upon and will be buying more next time I make a trip to Teavana. All I can say is YUM!

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  1. jamie Says:

    this review is making my mouth water…better sign off and see if there’s any chocolate around…

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