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Its OK"Overwhelmingly, the peppermint takes center stage in the aroma; in the flavor department, however, both ingredients seem to be happy to share the limelight. "
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redleafchamomint.jpgBeing that it was a particularly chilly day (even for South Florida), I found myself needing a good ol' cup of tea to warm me. I sifted through my collection of tea samples to find Red Leaf Tea's Chamomint Tea blend, which struck me as something that might be warming and soothing for a brisk day. As the name suggests, Chamomint tea is a blend of chamomile and mint, more specifically peppermint. While this isn't an altogether novel combination, I was looking forward to this relatively simple herbal blend, especially considering that many of the herbal blends I have reviewed lately tend to consist of an overwhelming number of ingredients. Visually, this tea actually was not that spectacular, mainly because both the chamomile and mint pieces were incredibly small. Chamomile tends to break down into small parts, so I can't fault Red Leaf tea for the tiny chamomile pieces, but I do wish that the mint leaves were a little larger in size rather than being almost speck-sized. Because the ingredients were so finely broken down, the flowers and leaves formed an one oh-so-unattractive clump after steeping...iIt's probably best to enjoy this tea without really checking out the post-infusion leaves. This blend brewed up to a surprisingly dark liquid, taking on the color of a black tea. Despite its dark color and attempts to masquerade as a black tea, one need only sniff this tea to confirm that this is clearly an herbal tea. Overwhelmingly, the peppermint takes center stage in the aroma; in the flavor department, however, both ingredients seem to be happy to share the limelight. I would describe the flavor as a minty crispness finished off with a honey-apple sweetness. The peppermint used in this blend does not seem to be as potent as other mint teas I have had; if you like a really pungent mint flavor, you'll probably find this brew lacking. I did enjoy this tea, but it's not the best mix of these ingredients that I have tried. Frankly, I think you could produce a tea of equal quality by steeping a chamomile teabag with a mint teabag together. This is a case where I will admit that loose-leaf tea isn't necessarily always better than bagged tea. On a final note, this tea sells for $9.99 for 3.2 ounces. Chamomile and peppermint are common ingredients that I am used to buying at pretty cheap prices, so I personally think that this tea is just a little over-priced.

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  1. Elaine - The Gourmet Girl Says:

    One thing I can’t stand is a verbose review. I appreciated the honesty with which you approached the size of the tea leaves and the price. This is the first review of yours that I have read and I’m looking forward to perusing your archives, as well as future posts.

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