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Thumbs up!"The lemongrass in this blend is a tasty and unusual addition that really sings!"
Jamie’s Teaview: 7/10
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teavanarooiboschaiI'm a real fan of herbal blends. I love to drink tea, but don't need a huge wind up of caffeine right before bed, no matter how much less caffeine tea has than coffee.

Chai teas are a lot of fun, with their spicy flavors dancing round the palette, brightening things up and tickling the senses. Now a rooibos chai blend is something I'd never tried or even conceived of, but I thought it sounded tasty, and caffeine free to boot!

The tea is lightly spicy, a little lemony from the lemongrass, which I found to be a tasty and unusual addition to a chai blend that really worked! The lemongrass sings a high note over a spicy zing of ginger and cardamom making up the alto and tenor sections, while the rooibos solidifies the body of the blend with a continuous and lulling bass. Each part of this choir work well together, though just like sopranos tend to in "real life" the lemongrass really stood out and gets the bouquet for her performance.

I would recommend this chai blend for those who might not think themselves keen on chai, too. It's a different set of flavors than you would expect if your previous experiences have been with a black tea based chai. Give it a taste!

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