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Its OK"I don't consider this to be the best matcha I have had, but it certainly is a high-quality tea."
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rishiteamatcha.jpgMy sample of Rishi's matcha came conveniently packaged as three separate individual single-serving packets. The packets are advertised as maintaining product freshness, but they also provide for a convenient way to have matcha on the go. The information provided by Rishi indicates that these packets can be used to prepare hot or cold matcha with equal ease. I first tried this sample soon after waking up on a brisk morning, and thus opted to try it hot first. Following the suggested directions, I added 5 ounces of 175-degree water to one packet of matcha and whisked until frothy. The matcha powder is an incredibly vivid, almost neon green, and dissolved very easily with the addition of hot water. Although the whisking action was necessary to create a nice froth, there were few clumps that needed to be dissolved. The resulting liquid was a vivid green color similar to that of the dry powder, and akin to something you might see in a beaker of a mad scientist's laboratory. Tastewise, this tea is pretty decent, although there were no amazing qualities that made this matcha stand out from other matchas that I have had. One thing I noticed about this matcha was that it was a bit stronger in its vegetal/grassy flavor than other matchas I've tasted; I personally prefer a milder and sweeter matcha, so this tea lost points with me for that reason. However, for those that like really strong vegetal green tea, then this intense flavor will probably be much-appreciated. The overall flavor was still what I would describe as smooth, although the aftertaste had just a smidgen of bitterness to it. Again, some people will love that quality, but it wasn't my favorite part of this tea. The texture of this tea is creamy, even after the frothiness had subsided. I later tried this sample following the cold-water preparation instructions (adding the contents of one packet to a standard water bottle and shaking vigorously). Since the hot water sample was prepared with only 5 ounces of water (as the directions indicated) but the cold water sample was made with over 3 times that volume of water, the flavor of the cold tea was diluted when compared to the hot matcha. This worked for me, since I found the hot matcha to be a little to strong in its vegetal taste. Naturally, the powder dissolved less easily in cold water than in hot water, but even so, clumping was minimal. I think this matcha worked better as a cold drink than a hot one, because the flavor characteristics seemed more refreshing and appropriate in cold form. In all, I don't consider this to be the best matcha I have had, but it certainly is a high-quality tea, and as far as packaging for freshness and convenience, Rishi's matcha is worth considering.

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