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Not Great"The flavor had a roasted taste and I was left searching for anything that even remotely tasted of grapefruit."
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kalaharirubygrapefruit.jpgKalahari’s Ruby Grapefruit White Tea is touted as a fatigue-fighting brew that contains Guarana and Eleuthro Root. According to Kalahari’s website, Guarana is an Amazonian herb that is used to “increase mental alertness, fight fatigure and increase stamina” and Eleuthro Root is used as an “overall body stabilizer that may help…cope with physical and emotional stress.” I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the flavor of these herbs and after tasting the tea, I’m still not sure.

The white tea in this blend is organic Bai Mudan. I’m not overly familiar with white tea varieties, but I’ve tried a few that produced a pale colored liquid and had a very light and delicate flavor. This tea seemed to have neither of those qualities.

I prepared my cup with boiling water and a three-minute steep. The liquid seemed very dark for a white tea and the scent was reminiscent of a Houjicha. The flavor had a roasted taste as well and I was left searching for anything that even remotely tasted of grapefruit. As I was sipping, I also noticed a drying sensation in my throat that tempted me to alternate sips of tea with drinks of water.

I’m not sure how to classify this tea. It didn’t have the flavor I would associate with a white tea and it didn’t have a distinctive citrus or grapefruit flavor. I have no interest in trying this tea again.

— To purchase Kalahari Ruby Grapefruit White Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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