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Its OK"I'm sure the peach taste and this tea overall appeals to some people, but the specific combination just isn't for me."
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The only other ginger peach tea I have had in recent memory was Republic of Tea's version, which was generally pretty mediocre. I was hoping Tea Guys would come through for me again with more realistic peach and ginger flavours.

I was optimistic from the start when I saw how beautiful the dry tea looked and how delicious it smelled. I steeped a heaping teaspoon in six ounces of just-boiled water for three minutes and was immediately disappointed. Most of the rich scent had disappeared, and I was left with a weak and sweet-smelling concoction. Taste is the most important factor, however, so I tried to reserve my judgment.

I applaud Tea Guys on their ginger flavour. It's realistic and just the right strength, not overpowering anything, but still managing to give the tea a pleasant amount of bite at the end. Unfortunately, the peach taste ended up countering the fantastic ginger balance. It seems the peach flavour is really the only thing that brought this tea down - it is rather artificial, which I could excuse, but it is also strong enough that it detracts from the ginger and covers the taste of the black tea itself.

I'm sure the peach taste and this tea overall appeals to some people, but the specific combination just isn't for me.

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2 Responses to “Review: Tea Guys Ginger Peach”

  1. foodbitch Says:

    tea bags are easier. are some better than others? are they a waste compared to leaves?

  2. troy Says:

    Its a long complicated argument, but in general Loose leaves are the best bet for quality tea, bags are a second. Most of the little paper bags you buy at the grocery store contain some combination of Fannings (little bits of leaves too small to be sold loose) and dust (dust), even those pyramid bags with the same grade of leaves as your likely to find in loose leaf generally don’t have the space to let the leaves really open up. Does that explain it?

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