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Thumbs up!"Typical of my taste in shoes, handbags, etc. I do prefer the more expensive Fancy White Peony. However, you can't go wrong with this."
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chinapai.jpgPlucked from one of Fujian's finest gardens, this refined, hand-processed tea is a representative of the "New Style" of White Tea production. Withered and then bake-dried, the tea undergoes the slightest oxidation, masking the "greener" vegetal notes and allowing us to discover sweet and woody undertones capped by a lingering floral finish." ---TeaGschwendner's website.

I'll say it again---TeaGschwendner is the place to go for plain white teas. This one won Best Tea in the Bai Mu Dan category at the WTC earlier this year. I have also had the privilege of sampling their Fancy White Peony (it's pretty amazing, but a bit pricey) and their Flavored Strawberry White, which happens to be one of my favorite teas. That said, I have purchased some of their other flavored whites including coconut, lychee fruit, and lemon vanilla and was a little less impressed. That has nothing to do with the tea though---the flavors are either too delicate or have room for improvement (cover mouth and cough the word coconut). The tea used in the blends is good.

One nice thing about TeaGschwendner's whites is that you can get many infusions out of them---BUT you can't burn them anywhere along the way. A visit to the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor, MI, taught me that TeaGschwendner is all about exacting methods---filtered water, heated to boiling, allowed to cool to specific temperature, and steeped with a timer. I am just not that, well, retentive, when it comes to my tea. Maybe I'm missing out? I use water from the same source I always use, heat it to the point where bubbles form on the bottom of the pot and occasionally rise to the top, and steeped for two minutes (timed). I also decided to make a cup of the previously reviewed Fancy White Peony and taste them side-by-side as an experiment.

Fancy White Peony would have received a higher rating from me had it been at lower price point. It is the best quality white in my opinion, and I even like it better than the Silver Needle that I purchased from another company and is in a similar price point. Both of these are excellent choices. The Fancy White Peony is more delicate, floral and a little nutty. This is a little stronger (though I wouldn't say a strong blend in general), earthy and has a touch of floral.

Both of these are excellent choices. I guess it just depends upon what you are looking for in taste and what you are willing to spend. Typical of my taste in shoes, handbags, etc. I do prefer the more expensive Fancy White Peony. However, you can't go wrong with this. If I could, I would change my rating on that one to a 9 and call this one an 8, but that is with hindsight being 20/20. White teas from TeaGschwendner are AMAZING!

— To purchase TeaGschwendner China Pai Mu Tan, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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