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Its OK"The taste is actually surprisingly pleasant. I would describe it as a cross between a subdued peppermint with chamomile and lemons. Odd that one plant offers such a complexity in flavor."
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davidgreekmountaintea.jpg"This wild-growing speciality from the Taygetos Mountains has a fabulously fresh flavour of lemon and herbs. It's enormously popular in Greece and is used all winter long to cure just about every ache or pain you can imagine. Colds, respiratory problems, digestion, immune system trouble, anxiety, you name it. As any Greek grandmother will tell you, "Drink at least a cup a day!". --- David's Tea website.

Ok, for starters this blend looks like nothing I've ever seen before. It is full of stems, leaves and little flower buds that are covered with a furry white substance. They look as though they are either a little moldy or from outer space. If Stephen hadn't given a heads up in the Forum that this tea was a bit unusual, then I might have thought that there was something wrong with it. A quick google search on the tea will tell you that the Latin name for the plant used to prepare Greek mountain tea is Sideritis Syriaca. It will also tell you that the old-school Greek grandmas think this stuff is a cure-all as alluded to above.

I boiled my sample (and it seems to take quite a bit of this to make a decent cup) in about a cup and half of water in a pan for about 5 min. The initial aroma coming from the saucepan was a little odd, but it quickly boiled off and I was left with sort of a lemon-herbal smelling scent. I'm not one to regularly boil plants in my house and felt the urge to burn some incense and put on some tantric music (I did manage to resist). You want to allow this to simmer until it takes on a brownish hue. The taste is actually surprisingly pleasant. I would describe it as a cross between a subdued peppermint with chamomile and lemons. Odd that one plant offers such a complexity in flavor. It seemed an injustice to add sugar to something so natural so I stirred in a bit of honey, and enjoyed it best with that touch of honey.

While I cannot describe this as hands down the best tasting herbal blend that I have tasted, this definitely provided a unique herbal experience. I should mention that the taste is pleasant. I am turning to herbs in lieu of the medicine cabinet sometimes. I am considering getting some of this to give to my toddler since over-the-counter medications for colds are pretty much banned in children under 6. This does seem like the type of herbal that you would want to drink when suffering or trying to stave off a cold and also seems like it might settle your stomach. This is a little pricey at $8.50 for a 50 gram bag. Further, I doubt that 50 grams would go very far as it seems to take a lot of this stuff to brew a flavorful cup. However, if you compare that to the price of a bottle of medicine it is justifiable. If your budget allows, this is definitely worth trying for the experience alone if nothing else.

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6 Responses to “Review: David’s Tea Greek Mountain Tea”

  1. billy Says:

    The tea is only expensive, because western (e.g. American or British) importers hike up the price to make it seem more exotic. If you can locate a Greek grocery in your area, they sell it amazingly cheap; I can buy a couple ounces for $1.50.

    Also, the health benefits are mostly true and are listed here:`sTea.htm.

    Kali xonepsi!

  2. Shelby Says:

    Oh my goodness, this tea is amazing, even with only honey. I am drinking it now. I would agree with it being like chamomille and slight peppermint. I get it from my father’s clients who say they pick it at organic field on the mountains of Greece. It’s not very grassy or over-flowery, it is my favorite tea. Like above, get it at a Greek grovery, it can be expensive.

  3. Ulrich Says:

    At my local Greek grocery store I pay 2.50 $ Can for a 2 oz bag. I brew the tea with stocks an all. I find the effects of this tea on my body amazing. The winter pains just melt away and the taste is actually very pleasing. I love this stuff!

  4. Timothy Says:

    This tea is fantastic and I drink it regularly. It is expensive if you compare it to other teas but this is a high quality tea and I love the taste. My roommate came into the kitchen the other day while I was brewing some and she exclaimed, “What is that? That smells amazing.” She tried some and is now sold on it as well.

  5. Kristina Tsipouras Says:

    Hi everyone,

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  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to find out what this tea tastes like before deciding to purchase or not. I’ve been worried that I’d purchase online and find out upon receipt that it was similar to chamomile. While peppermint and lemon both sound good, the chamomile flavor is exactly the type of tea I hate. THANK YOU for helping with a good description of flavor similarities. I will check back here if ever I find another tea I’m not familiar with and don’t have the opportunity to smell it in person.

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