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Thumbs up!"... it was a welcome change and tasted good. Not something I would want often, but once in a while. "
Joe’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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goldenmoonrose.jpgGolden Moon Tea was founded in Chantilly Virginia in1993. They offer more than thirty premium quality whole-leaf tea varietals and their tea has won two major global tea competition awards at the World Tea Expo.

There is nothing very mysterious or subtle about this tea - making it easy to review. As their website states, “… Rose Tea is a beautiful black loose leaf tea sprinkled with rose petals…” That pretty much sums it up!

What does it look like? Black tea with rose petals. What does it smell like? Rose. What does it taste like? Rose.

What I’m about to say I might not have written a few weeks ago. I would have been afraid of being labeled a sexist. But I’ve recently visited two very fine tea rooms and had rather pleasant experiences in both. In the first, the person serving my tea commented on how I had selected a “manly” teacup (I think that means it didn’t have any flowers on it.) In the second shop, after placing my order, the server commented on how most men order straight black tea while women are more adventurous and order flavored teas. So this makes me wonder if perhaps Rose Tea is more suited to women

There, I said it!

You might be wondering how I, a man, came to give this tea a score of 7.5. Well, it was a welcome change and tasted good. Not something I would want often, but once in a while.

Oh, I forgot to tell you how I made it. I used eight ounces of water and steeped one teaspoon of Rose Tea for three minutes. Next time I’ll try four minutes to see if the tea can produce a bolder more powerful and pronounced black tea flavor thus creating a more “manly” cup of rose tea.

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One Response to “Review: Golden Moon Rose Tea”

  1. Patty Says:

    Thank you for your ‘manly’ review of this tea. I’m not quite sure where the nonsense comes from; most of the world’s top rose breeders are manly men and they are not expected to make any apologies for their involvement with roses.
    I’m not a very girly girl; I’ll have to give this a try.

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