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Thumbs up!"This product makes making green tea (matcha) smoothies, shakes and lattes a much easier process. "
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bouldergreentealatte"All natural powdered green tea with sugar. Make Ice Blended Matcha & Green Tea Latte easily. Comes in resealable foil bag w/recipes." ---Boulder Tea website.

I have seen a number of diet recipes that suggest adding some matcha for a green tea smoothie or latte, and I tend to make a protein shake every morning. So this really peaked my curiosity and made me want to try it (eventually in the protein shake). Since I am trying to diet, I emailed Boulder Tea to inquire if they had any nutritional info on this product and was sent an email back stating the following: Per one tablespoon calories are 19; calories from fat 0; total fat 0; total carbs 4.5 grams; protein 0. Really not that bad.

My sample package was filled with some finely milled sweet matcha powder. Likely due to my newness with this type of product, I emailed Boulder tea and inquired how to prepare an 8 oz cup. I was instructed to use about a tablespoon for an 8-12 oz serving size and to blend with either milk or water. Therefore, I decided to do a cup of each for review purposes.

Water preparation: This cup blended up to a fairly dark (Kelly) green and was obviously more watery than the other cup. The odor is kinda vegetal/swampy but overall the cup is pretty sweet and tasty. Obviously the preparation is to taste and I might suggest trying it with only a teaspoon instead of tablespoon for an 8 oz cup. The mix dissolves fairly easily into the blend in case you need to add a little more to suit your taste preference. I drank this cold and with ice.

Milk Preparation: I never seem to realize the natural sweetness in milk unless I do something like this where I taste side-by-side a milk vs water preparation. The milk version brewed up to a pretty celery green color. Despite the fact that I used skim milk, this blended very sweet and dessert-like. I would definitely not use a whole tablespoon right out of the gate again and would start with more like half that amount and go from there. I also drank this cold and with ice. This is quite sweet and that might be off-putting to some. I do like this better when prepared with milk.

Overall, I like the mix, but would definitely need to tweak the amounts used in blending a given cup. This product makes making green tea (matcha) smoothies, shakes and lattes a much easier process. Boulder Tea offers free shipping to US customers, which is a major plus if you want to order some of this. However, I only see it sold in a 1 lb quantity which costs $30. They do also sell a non-sweetened version for those that don't want the sweetened mix for $15 for 100 grams (this is actually more expensive). I think this is a great product to have in the house for drinks and even cooking. I am considering purchasing some. However, I would caution folks that are sensitive to sweet that they might be better served by the unsweetened version.

P.S. Since this was written, I again emailed Boulder Tea and she sold me a half lb for $15! It goes great in my morning protein shake, which I prepare with water.

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