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Numi’s Teaview Snapshot
Thumbs up!"This tea has a fuller body and depth that includes a substantive mouthfeel that, as a chocolate fanatic, I love."
Numi’s Teaview: 10/10
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teavanacacaomint1It’s Girl Scout Cookie time and evil irresistible green boxes of Thin Mints might as well be labeled “kryptonite for humans”. If the Girl Scouts were truly compassionate, they would package their delicious cookies with an antidote tea—something to take away the guilt and extra pounds but still maintain the happy post-chocolate mint feeling. Teavana has stepped in to save us with their Cacao Mint Black tea. This mix of black tea and hazelnut and cocoa pieces has a medium to thick body and scent that blends chocolate and mint nicely. I adore chocolate mint candies and am still looking for a chocolate tea that will satisfy my sweet tooth, though I’m not sure it’s a worthy endeavor (with the amount of time and effort spent wishing for chocolate, I could have just had a piece and moved on with my life). Still, the quest continues, or at least has until now. With Teavana’s version, I’m happily surprised that the first sniff of brewed tea retains a deep chocolate scent that in other teas tends to be overshadowed by mint. What Teavana got right, I believe, is the fuller body and depth that gives this the substantive mouthfeel that, as a chocolate fanatic, I crave. Whereas other teas make me want to cry because I feel like I’ve been teased by having someone else’s chocolate bar merely dipped in my hot water, this one feels like there’s actually chocolate in there somewhere. The initial taste is of chocolate, with the mint lingering in the aftertaste. I want to thank Teavana for letting the mint act as an accent, rather than the main player. Too often, mint-related teas fall into the herbal category and I want to scream, “I don’t have a stomachache dammit, I just want chocolate—NOW!” I’d like to meet the person who created this tea mix because I’m imagining them with a superhero’s cape on—thank you! I don’t usually like to add milk or sugar to my tea, and while I’d prefer this tea as is, I can see how it would take either addition well, depending on a person’s tastes. I’m so into this I’m going to finish my sample and place my order right now. Thank you Teavana!

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