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Thumbs up!"Much of the honey like sweetness comes straight from the tea and Zhi has tastefully added to the white's own strengths rather than caking flavor over them."
Jamie’s Teaview: 7/10
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zhiwhitepearMy introduction to white tea, and re-introduction to tea drinking, came in the form of good old fashioned White Peony (Bai Mu Dan). Not too expensive, big and leafy, it's also the heartiest of the whites in my opinion. You can steep it a couple of times and get a nice sturdy cup, which never goes bitter and has plenty of color for a white. White Peony is a favorite of mine for simple everyday drinking. Zhi has taken my denim clad white peony to the dress shop in their new blend, White Pear. Fancied up with diced apple bits, striking orange calendula leaves and the slightest perfume of pear flavor, I still recognized my dear friend by her beautiful full leaves - varying in color from brownish to bright green with a fuzzy silver tip thrown in here and there - a hint of her good breeding.

Using a lower temperature for my water, 185, and a hefty, almost ridiculously heaped tablespoon of the tea to 24 ounces (it's very hard to put white peony, or any white tea leaves, into a tablespoon, have you noticed?). After a scant four minute steep, I poured a cup for myself and my husband after lunch. The tea carries a fruity nose, delicate but intriguing, with a light reminiscence of a basket of autumn fruit. The liquor was fairly pale, but definitely cidery for the first steeping with a sweet and mellow scenting that carried over to the taste. The hint of fruit is just that. Not overwhelming, and tastewise, this is just right. Much of the honey like sweetness comes straight from the tea and Zhi has tastefully added to the white's own strengths rather than caking flavor over them. The white tea is almost on its own, with the pear scenting building up the body a bit rather than overwhelming the drinker with flavor.

For someone seeking a really bold fruit flavoring in their tea, this might not suit. The pear flavoring is very naturally done, and the fruit flavor is a clear whisper at the end of the sip. I found this to be a strong attribute, but everyone is looking for different things, particularly in fruit flavored teas. I would certainly recommend this tea to everyone to try. It's really beautifully done and is a great tea for all hours.

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