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Its OK"The flavor rolls well and rounds out the drink nicely. Everything is pleasant with this one."
Brad’s Teaview: 6/10
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jingearlgrey1The visual impact of this black and blue blend is significant. This impact is split in two directions by the fact that the blue cornflower petals are actually placed there for that sole purpose. The aesthetic is positive, but the addition of ingredients for such a strict effect tampers with that positivity. The scent is slightly orange and slightly grey, similar to that rough, natural Grey but imbued with something friendlier.

The resulting drink is pleasant, carrying unusual strains of unidentifiable fruit surrounding the standard Grey and producing a soothing steam. The flavor rolls well and rounds out the drink nicely. Everything is pleasant with this one.

Finally, the effect of the tea is quite unusual. Shortly after finishing the first cup, I was struck with a strange kick unlike that of caffeine. It was actually closer to guarana though it isn't listed as an ingredient. This unexpected alteration was probably more welcome than unwelcome, but it was definitely unique. Altogether, this is a fine Grey.

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