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Thumbs up!"The vegetal tea stands out at the start, blending perfectly into the chocolate taste, finishing off with the wonderful texture and flavour of the almond."
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greentealattealmondsI'm on the war path. I never thought I could get as sick as I have been the past week or so (I lost track of time amid the strange dreams and hallucinations caused by a lack of food). I haven't even had a decent cup of tea in days. Days! It's blasphemy, I tell you. My husband mentioned that at first I was probably sick, and after a few days, I was actually probably going through tea withdrawal (which, for the record, apparently resembles something like heroin withdrawal). The illness took away my sense of taste, and every cup of tea lacked flavour, tasting like a sad combination of water and bitterness, kind of like how I felt. All because some 15-year-old creature living in my house has the irritating habit of opening the fridge and coughing on everything in it when he's sick.

I'd love nothing more right now than to rip into some tea company, whether or not they deserve it. It would make me feel better. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD LOWLY TEA COMPANIES. Unfortunately, Stephen recently sent out a memo encouraging us to be a bit kinder with our wording, so I don't get to be a tea jerk. This does not pose a huge problem; however, as I had some delicious-looking tea candies kicking around to sample.

And delicious these are. The bitterness of the tea melds beautifully with the bitterness in the chocolate. The vegetal tea stands out at the start, blending perfectly into the chocolate taste, finishing off with the wonderful texture and flavour of the almond. They're a bit on the pricey side, but chocolates generally are, so no worries there.

I have to second Jamie's idea of hoping Tavalon comes out with a dark chocolate version, since I do extra-super-lotsa-love dark chocolate. As it stands, however, I'll have to stick with these. And by that I of course mean that the husband stole the rest of mine, so I'll have to buy some the next time I order from Tavalon.

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2 Responses to “Review: Tavalon Green Tea Latte Almonds”

  1. Chris Says:

    Katie, No worries. Working on dark chocolate version now! Hope you feelin’ better. Thanks for not ripping into us!

  2. Katie Says:

    I will so definitely be buying some of those. Please keep us posted when they’re done!

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