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Thumbs up!"The Matcha provides a nice creamy taste and a bit of natural sweetness. The Kukicha seems to add an earthy component to the cup."
Laura’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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teavkukimatcha"This uniquely creamy emerald green blend is comprised of an exceptional grade of Matcha powder combined with delicately roasted Kukicha. It is a great tea for macrobiotic diets." ---Teavana website.

My request of this sample represents my growth as a tea drinker. Initially I hated all green teas except for a handful of flavored blends. Slowly, I began to appreciate more and more flavored greens including those that were a bit grassy in nature. Next, I graduated to occasionally drinking some of the plain Chinese green teas as they are so much more delicate in nature and not nearly as vegetal/grassy as their Japanese counterparts. However, as of late, I have been wanting and willing to experiment with even the Japanese greens. While, I doubt they will ever be something that I reach for daily and love to pieces, I have found myself to be much more tolerant of them. Since, I have started to enjoy Matcha upon occasion in protein shakes, ice cream, lattes and even as a plain tea, I thought this might be a great way to test drive Kukicha. Though I have had Kukicha on one other occasion in a chai blend.

One thing to note about this particular tea is that the leaves require a lower temperature and shorter steep time than many greens. I made the mistake of letting this go about 2-2.5 min on my first attempt and got a very bitter, nasty cup. The second time, I bravely pushed it to 1.5 and the result was much improved (Teavana recommends a 1 min steep). The resulting cup is quite interesting. The Matcha provides a nice creamy taste and a bit of natural sweetness. The Kukicha seems to add an earthy component to the cup. My knowledge of the Kukicha is that it tastes roasted and this doesn't really taste roasted to me---more earthy than roasted. Yes, there is a vegetal/grassy component to this, but to be real, I'd take a cup of this over a cup of Sencha any day. I did find that I needed to stir this a few times to wake up the Matcha. Since I usually enjoy Matcha with a bit of sweetener, I decided to add a bit of rock cane sugar to this and found that it did make it a bit more palatable for me. This seems like a pretty full-flavored green tea to me.

While a true green tea lover might rate this higher or lower than myself, I personally enjoyed it and would welcome it as an addition to my tea cabinets (yes, plural) as it always nice to have something a little different around. I think this is a great segway for folks like me that are new to Japanese green teas.

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