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Thumbs up!"This is a very versatile matcha, and can be done many ways. The taste is definitely potent sweet. In terms of amount, less is more."
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bouldergreentealatteFor starters, this is unlike any matcha I've ever tried. It might be a disservice to matcha-mixes everywhere to even call it a matcha. Granted, it's green and powdery, but that is where the similarity ends. The main difference is in the presentation. Hold the powder up to the light. Go on, do it. See all those sparkly flecks in the powder?

Yeah, that's sugar. Lots of it.

The Boulder site states that a package of this stuff comes with instructions on how to make hot or iced lattes. Unfortunately, this being a review - and me relying on samples - I had no such access. I don't drink coffee, and as such, I've never made a latte. While out and about one time, I did have a matcha latte, but didn't think much of it. Nor was I sure what went in it besides the powder and cream.

My second thought was, "Eh, I'll just look up instructions."

I might as well have been reading Greek. Steamed milk? How does one steam milk? Probably a simple method/matter, but I'm a tea 'tard. Coffee drinkers and their complexities. Grumble-grumble. Eventually, I gave up on all that "latte" business and went the matcha prep route. That I knew how to do; not as well as a kimono-clad chanoyu ceremony girl, but close enough.

I used 1 teaspoon in 4 oz. of 170 F water, whisked in a bowl. It didn't have the same consistency as high-quality matcha. Nor did it froth up as nicely. I tried it again a different way, this time by just pouring the teaspoon in a cup of hot water - like cocoa - and stirring; then adding a little milk. Very decent. A few days later, I went a step further and did it again with French vanilla coffee creamer.

At that point, it tasted like a latte.

This is a very versatile matcha and can be prepared many ways. The taste is definitely potent sweet. In terms of amount, less is more. One can't go wrong with a teaspoon per 12 oz. cup. Stirring doesn't take as long. I can't help but think that it feels almost sinful to drink because it tastes like a treat.

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