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Its OK"This blend is not even remotely bad - I just don't understand it."
K’s Teaview: 5.6/10
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zhiwhitepearMy limited experience with Zhi Tea teas has yet to entice or deter me, so I really haven't made a decision on how I feel about them. This tea seemed like it would probably push me over the edge, as I knew from the moment I opened the packaging it would be unique. I could not for the life of me find any pear scent whatsoever when I smelled this blend. My husband said it smells like a Terry's chocolate orange, and I think it smells like my olive-oil scented body wash. Without telling them what it was supposed to be, I let others speculate. No one who smelled it guessed it is pear - they didn't even guess a fruit!

Scent is only a minor part of a tea, so I tried to reserve judgment until I actually tried this blend. I steeped it for 3 1/2 minutes and was greeted by a mild and interesting cup, but I sill could not manage to get the sense of pear. I steeped the tea a second time, and while it seemed just a hint fruitier, I still tasted very little resemblance to pear. To me, it tastes like a blend of chocolate, yerba maté, and olive oil. Maybe my taste buds can't grasp its flavour properly or maybe pears don't taste like I remember or maybe this tea got contaminated somewhere along the line or maybe I am just not smart enough to figure this blend out. Simply put, I am perplexed by this tea.

This blend is not even remotely bad - I just don't understand it. If I had not have known it was supposed to be a pear tea, I may have been a bit more lenient, but right now I am mostly just confused. I can't decide if it is my fault or if it is because of Zhi Tea that I get no real sense of pear from this tea. I can't say my experience is the norm, so I suggest anyone who finds this tea intriguing take advantage of the fact that Zhi Tea has samples available for purchase. Also, with every order, you can get one free sample, so it's no big loss if you don't enjoy this one after all.

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