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Its OK"The ginger and mint sort of seem to have a hot and cold battle going on and I'm not sure that I like the balance of them in this blend."
Laura’s Teaview: 6.5/10
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tavalontealixir"It is inevitable to catch a cold in the winter. Luckily you've got a tealixir! A custom blend of ginger, orange peel, mint and eucalyptus created for our friends at the Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show." ---Tavalon website.

While I am not currently suffering from a cold, I decided to reach for this tonight thinking that it might settle my stomach a bit and freshen my breath as I enjoyed some pasta for dinner that had a good bit of garlic in it. Interestingly, I have never tried a blend with eucalyptus before. That ingredient kinda freaks me out a bit and I am scared of it as an ingredient in a drink for some reason. However, I have seen eucalyptus in various cold remedies and some tea blends before and these ingredients do sound like ones that I would seek out when searching for some tea to drink when suffering from a cold.

I prepared this using boiling water and let it steep for about 5-6 minutes. While I expected that mint would totally dominate this blend, I think that the ginger might be the stronger player. I can also taste the orange in here and the eucalyptus, but they are background players. The eucalyptus does have a bit of an unusual flavor, but not to the point that it makes this tastes terrible. That said, while this isn't bad, it is also not spectacular. The ginger and mint sort of seem to have a hot and cold battle going on and I'm not sure that I like the balance of them in this blend. Add to that the slightly unusual taste of the eucalyptus, and I would have to call this tea more functional than delicious.

The big question is would I buy it? This is one of those blends that kind of straddles the line of a buy or not buy decision. I think the ingredients are great if you are sick and it doesn't taste bad, but it's not great either. It is also a bit expensive at $10.50 for 2.4 oz. There are better tasting blends out there in the same or lesser price range. As I continue to waffle on a buy or not buy decision, I would throw out there a caveat: if I were sick and Tavalon was having a good sale, then I would probably pick this up. However, that would be the criteria: sick and cheaper.

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