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Thumbs up!"The chamomile, which is usually languishing and heavy, is lightened tremendously by another floral element. Wonderfully so."
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kokomochamomilelavenChamomile is a delicious herbal tea, but I've almost entirely stopped drinking it, having sort of overdosed on it a while ago. It's got a honey like richness to it that in some ways is a little much for me, even drinking it at night. I can't imagine drinking it in the afternoon, it's got such a heavy, somnolent sweetness to it, like some potion to be consumed by swooning princesses in fairy tales. But I also enjoy the flavor of chamomile, and sometimes you just get a hankering for it.

I have had this sample for quite a while, as samples go. I kept thinking I would brew it up almost as soon as I got it, since it was an herbal, and then would pass it by, again and again. Well, tonight was Kokomo's Organic Chamomile Lavender's night to show its stuff.

A pretty straightforward looking tea. It contains chamomile, which is lovely, soft and fluffy, and there was no surprise in the tiny oblong lavender flowers sprinkled through (they'd actually sunk to the bottom of the bag but I shook them up a bit). Lovely to look at and lovelier still to inhale. I do love the scent of chamomile...always wonder why I don't drink more when I smell it. So honey like, sweet and textural. At first I couldn't detect the lavender, but the more I smelled the more I picked it up, not so much distinct as melded to the scent of the chamomile. But, the question would it hold up in the taste??

I brought my water to a cheery rolling boil and poured it over the tea, letting it steep about 5 minutes. I poured our mugs and let it cool to drinkability, taking my first sip before it had quite reached this stage, naturally. My first impression was "oooh, that's really good!" As it cooled to hot but not super hot, I could really get a load of the flavor. The chamomile, which is usually languishing and heavy, is lightened tremendously by another floral element. Wonderfully so. The lavender is subdued enough that you aren't tasting essential oils, but you can really notice what a fine tempering job it does with the chamomile. This was really quite a delicious blend. It makes for a lighter chamomile and takes well to a little sweetener, even. I really enjoyed it very much.

I often pour more boiling water over my herbals after meting out the first cups (which generally are the best in the case of herbals, in my opinion and probably most others' too). Usually, I can comfortably let them stand for half an hour or more as all the goodness is nearly sopped out. This wasn't the case with this blend. The result of a too long steeping was, in this case, what you'd expect of over steeping. Bitter and sort of muddy. It could be salvaged a bit with some sweetener, but really, it was ruined. My advice is to treat this as an herbal you can get at least two infusions of, but treat the second infusion with the respect it deserves.

I highly recommend this tea to all chamomile lovers, who will enjoy the good flavor and scent and the nice pairing of the two flowers. And I recommend it to burned out chamomile lovers. I think they, like me, will very much appreciate the lightness of this blend.

— To purchase Kokomo Tea Organic Chamomile Lavender, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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