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Its OK"The overall taste is pleasant, but doesn't quite have the blend of flavour I was hoping for."
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tattlerstressrelieveNormally, I'm not big on herbal blends with a specific purpose. Not that I have something against a tea that touts itself as relaxing (I often find my cup of tea relaxing), it's just that I challenge you to find such a tea that does not include chamomile, anise, or mint, which are three ingredients I don't often enjoy. Wee-ellll-ellllllll, let me tell you that this puppy boasts gingko-biloba, stinging nettle, blackberry leaves, st. john's, wort, common valerian, white mistletoe, white horn leaves, lemon grass, green tea, willow herb, cornflower blossoms & safflower blossoms. I'm so stoked that the above list doesn't include and of my aforementioned dislikes!

This looks and smells much like many herbal blends do - like you're about to drink something that is decidedly good for you. Since I am currently watching the Food Network and it's making me feel guilty about how terribly I eat, so drinking something with a healthy veneer is making me feel a bit better.

The flavour of the cup is relaxing and pleasant - a great herbal blend to wind down in the evening or shut out the stresses of the outside world. Several flavours hide in the background, but the lemon grass is certainly the most prominent, perhaps even coming across a bit too heavily. The overall taste is pleasant, but doesn't quite have the blend of flavour I was hoping for. I'm not sure this is a blend I'll be hunting down in the near future.

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