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Its OK"Despite the cornucopia of various dried bits, the overall flavor is a nice one. It's just not that breathtaking because you don't really have anything to grab onto with so many ingredients."
Dan’s Teaview: 6/10
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teavanaginsengvitalityTeavana is a company familiar to probably everybody. It's kind of the company that appeals to soccer moms and mall walkers and such. Mind you, I like their products a lot (at least the few I've tried). They are just the kind of company that has that mega-corporate sense to them since they are exclusively found at, well, the mall. They have 80 locations in 30 states, and even 7 locations in Mexico. Still, kudos to them for bringing the finer hot beverage choice to the masses - something to offer other than Starbucks. It's a shame their prices are overinflated, but hey, you gotta pay that mall rent somehow.

Their Ginseng Vitality Rooibos is a nice twist on the standard rooibos base. In fact, I would say that's probably not even the main ingredient in this mix, as everything seems to get equal billing in this hodgepodge of many and varied ingredients. Included in the mix are Red Rooibos, apple bits, cinnamon, ginseng root, bean peels, ginger bits, mistletoe, St. John's Wort, lemongrass, field eryngo, cardamom, clove, black pepper and lemon peel. Wow. That's a mouthful. It's tough to say whether or not all of those ingredients can even get into every cup, as a teaspoon can only hold so much! The dried mix has a great aroma - one that's sweet but with a sour citrus nose to it - kind of like a mouth-puckering candy.

Teavana's brewing recommendation is for a near-boiling water temp, for 5-6 minutes. As this is a rooibos tea, a longer brew time never hurts and you won't get any backlash of bitterness. In fact, I would say you could brew this as long as you like, to taste, and discover a nice varied flavor palette, as different ingredients will likely emit more flavor the longer they are steeped. I have brewed this mix at various temperatures for times ranging from 4 to 8 minutes, and all were nice but I would say the longest brew was even nicer, as it had nice throat-soothing properties. A company called Traditional Medicinals makes a great organic product called Throat Coat Tea, which - as you can imagine - is perfect for soothing a sore throat. This tea seems to elicit similar properties, though not exactly in the same manner.

I don't get any sort of noticeable buzzy vibe or clarity of the mind from the Ginseng in here, but perhaps I'm not noticing the effects as much as I do caffeine. I have noticed said effects with other teas that contain natural stimulants. But maybe I'm too hopped up already from my multiple cups of Hina's Lumbini OP1 from earlier, who knows.

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