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Thumbs up!"There is something about this tea that relaxes me without making me tired (caffeine from the black tea) and this is the type of tea that I would expect to be served at a high-end spa."
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coco-la-ven.jpg"This tea is an intriguing blend of black tea, lavender, coconut, chamomile and a hint of vanilla. Try with a splash of milk for a smooth and creamy treat!" ---The Necessiteas website.

When I first came across this blend I wasn't too sure about it. The ingredients when paired with black tea seem kinda unorthodox as I consider chamomile and lavender to be night-time ingredients that are meant for sleep and relaxation. Coconut, however, is good in just about any kind of tea and at any time of the day if you ask me! Because of my apprehension about the flavor profile, I decided to just add a sample of this on to one of my orders from The Necessiteas. I was immediately hooked and added a tin of it to my next order. Like most of the blends from The Necessiteas, my tin is chock full of pieces of big flakes of coconut, lavender and chamomile. The aroma is sweet and is dominated by the coconut, but you can detect the scent of lavender as well.

I prepared this in water that had been brought to a full boil and allowed to cool for a bit and infused this for 4 min. This is my standard preparation with most black tea blends from The Necessiteas and I seldom deviate from it as it works well. Coconut also dominates the flavor profile and it balances nicely with the natural sweetness of the chamomile. The lavender is a stronger player in the aroma than the flavor profile, but it is detectable. It adds interest to the blend, but does not really cross the line into an area that I don't like where the lavender strongly flavors the blend and makes it taste like laundry soap. The chamomile adds a nice bit of natural sweetness to the blend and I really don't feel that this one requires any sweetener to be enjoyed, but it also good with a touch of rock cane sugar and that seems to bring out the coconut even a bit more. This is also quite tasty with a splash of milk added to it as suggested by The Necessiteas. The milk seems to level out the lavender a bit more and adds a nice creaminess to the cup.

Overall, I like this blend pretty well. It isn't one that I reach for every day, but I do occasionally get in the mood for it and when I do, I am glad that it is in my cupboard. There is something about this tea that relaxes me without making me tired (caffeine from the black tea) and this is the type of tea that I would expect to be served at a high-end spa. The flavor profile is full and pretty unusual and to be enjoyed, you do have to be at least tolerant of lavender, like chamomile, and love coconut. However, if this sounds like something that you would like, then I doubt that you will be disappointed with this choice.

— To purchase The Necessiteas Coco La Ven, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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