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Its OK"This isn't the best matcha I have ever tried, but it is certainly the most affordable."
K’s Teaview: 6.2/10
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boulderkoreanmatchaI have only been a tea drinker for a few years, and I have only seriously been pursuing tea and knowledge of it for the past year or so, so in the grand scheme of things I know very, very little. I am especially new to matcha, only having a few varieties under my belt, all prepared by me and thus probably prepared poorly (whisking tea is harder than you might think).

For the record, I'm not sure why this is, and anybody who knows please feel free to fill me in on the technology, but a matcha whisk makes a world of difference. You haven't properly tried a matcha until it has been prepared with the proper bamboo whisk. Once whisked thoroughly, this particular matcha has all the delicate smoothness that is a key trait to this wonderful type of tea. The flavour has a hint of fishiness in the aftertaste, like a mild pu-erh, and the taste is refreshing and crisp, like water.

Also worth noting is that this matcha is not very sweet and a bit on the lighter side in terms of scent and flavour. This isn't the best matcha I have ever tried, but it is certainly the most affordable, costing only $15 for 100 grams. If you haven't tried matcha before, this is probably a great place to start developing your palette. Boulder tea also offers a very inexpensive chasen - the whisks used to properly make matcha, so for a matcha newbie, it's a good place to go.

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