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Thumbs up!"A Peppermint Hojicha, who'd have thought those two flavors would go together so well, and result in something so chocolate-esque?"
Troy’s Teaview: 7/10
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teaspotgreenroastedmintThe name on this ones not exactly the clearest, I first thought this would be a blend of roasted Peppermint, actually its Hojicha. Hojicha is a favourite of mine. Even though Hojicha traces its origins to stretching out the later, substandard, harvests by roasting the leaves and enriching their flavour, it is now a premium product, and a personal favourite of many Japanese tea drinkers. the rich flavour of the roasted essential Oils of the leaf gives this tea a flavour profile almost like salted grilled salmon.

Peppermint probably sounds a little odd to mix with Hojicha, and it is, but it does work, to a degree. Normally Hojicha is blended with herbs that compliment the rich roasted flavour, and bring out what remains of the green tea essence, in this case they've chosen to contrast with something clean, simple, and a bit strong.

These two work well together, they bring out flavours that you'd never find in each alone. Its a bit like music, and the way drums and woodwinds are often paired together to contrast, as opposed to the complimenting melody of strings. Just as a melodic flute can draw rhythmic harmonies from the drum that transcend mere percussion, so too do the elements of these two odd fellows bring to mind the suggestions of Peppermint-chocolate, and herb crusted smoked meats, its as if the Peppermint or Hojicha suggest one little element of the flavour, and your mind fills in the rest.

Its an amazing oral experience.. which sounds dirtier than it is. This blend is a great way to exercise your taste buds, and make you really learn to focus on flavours and textures in your beverages of choice. I'd highly recommend this blend, at least to try once, even if its not your taste.

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2 Responses to “Review: The Tea Spot Green Roasted Mint”

  1. Lainie Petersen Says:


    This is weird. I just did a podcast review of the tea and I mentioned the chocolate-mint thing. It is so strange how the mind works!

  2. troy Says:

    Well its obvious how it happened, you must have been crouched outside my window stalking me when I was writing it.. I’d be mad.. but I’ve seen me in the shower, I’d stalk me too…

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