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Thumbs up!"Taste wise, the tea is warm and wholesome - a little bit vegetal but primarily sweet in a vaguely toasty, grainy sort of way."
Jamie’s Teaview: 7/10
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teasetcbaimudan1I love the appearance of white teas. While loose tea in general is wonderful for all the senses, white teas that include long, slender, down covered buds are just breathtaking! Teas Etc's Bai Mu Dan is an attractive offering. Comprised mainly of full, unbroken leaves, many an inch long and with leaf and bud clearly visible - it surprised me most with how green it was color wise. Aside from the downy white buds, the dry leaf is notably green. The wet leaf fulls beautifully and glows with a green that I can best liken to the green that leaves get once spring is past but summer isn't in full tilt. Healthy and full.

This Bai Mu Dan has a high, pungent freshness to the scent - a bit like vegetation in the evening and very wholesome. For our afternoon tea, I use about 3 tablespoons of leaf to our 24 ounce tea pot, bringing the water to 175 and steeping for four minutes. As we pour out our cups, we both note the beautiful pale gold liquor with its slight green tinge. The scent is faintly sweet and quite fresh. Taste wise, the tea is warm and wholesome - a little bit vegetal but primarily sweet in a vaguely toasty, grainy sort of way. My initial impression of this tea is that it is sweet and not too dry with little astringency to start. While mild, it has all the subtle strengths of a white tea - from the appearance of the leaf dry and wet to the color of the liquor to the fresh and lightly sweet taste. It's easy to consume at nearly any hour. Refreshing, too. As the cup progresses, I notice a slight and very pleasant astringency developing that doesn't go too far. This is a nice stable offering. Perhaps you won't write poetry over it, but it's lovely and easy to enjoy while reading or just reflecting on the day on your own or in company.

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