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Not Great"Stick to the plan Tea Guys, If you're going to call it Green Walnut, give us green, give us walnut, and save the Pineapple for a more appropriate blend."
Troy’s Teaview: 3/10
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green-walnut-copy.jpgI couldn't think of anything to write about this tea for three weeks. I didn't absolutely hate it, I didn't really like it, I just couldn't understand it. I think its all a matter of context. When you get your taste buds all prepped for one flavor, and receive another, you can just feel the miss. Its like getting a sweater for the holidays in that box that is exactly the same size as the box your favorite toy comes in. You know its the same size because, like any kid worth his salt, you've been doing proper recon for weeks.

What was I expecting? I didn't think it'd be too odd to expect Green Tea and walnuts. I mean, its called Green Walnut, what else would you expect. Certainly not some kind of sweet pineapple cake concoction. In some attempt to put this taste in context I read Shelly's review and have to agree that it does taste like a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, although unlike her I really don't consider this a good thing. Walnuts and Pineapple go together exactly as well as elephants and toffee.

If they had decided to really focus on the Walnut flavor, and found additions that amplified that, they could have easily won me over. I like Walnuts, they bring up all kinds of fond memories about my Grandfather. Like all men old/mature enough to freely eat nuts and phallic foods in front of other men, my Grandfather ate a disturbingly large amount of nuts, especially almonds and walnuts.

I still remember the time he bought a massive bag of Walnuts right from the grove, and after three months of amazing walnuts, and two months of stale walnuts, we had a week of getting rid of bug infested walnuts. Still, as I always say, my relationship with my grandfather grows better every day he's still dead, and this could have been a great reminder of a great time in my life. Stick to the plan Tea Guys, If you're going to call it Green Walnut, give us green, give us walnut, and save the Pineapple for a more appropriate blend.

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