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Thumbs up!"The Tea Spot's Mate Limon Chai is a delicious concoction, strong on the oils and essences of that golden citrus fruit, and is a perfect match for summertime sipping."
Dan’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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teaspotlemonchaiIf you've seen offerings from The Tea Spot while you've been out and about shopping, chances are you were in a Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Sprouts -- a healthy dose of those stores carry Tea Spot products. The Tea Spot's website offers a wealth of info about tea in general, and they offer everything from steepware to loose leaf teas to recipes and advice. A good place to go for any tea beginner or even a seasoned connoisseur. You can go here, or various locations around the ol' innernets, to find out about Yerba Mate, but chances are you are probably aware that this "caffeine-free" beverage is an alternative stimulant with similar properties, but reportedly less of the negative effects. I'm puzzled why Tea Spot says this blend has 40-45 mg of caffeine per serving, and not sure how you can measure the equivalency of yerba mate's potency vs. caffeine, but perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mate is actually a "mateine" which is, essentially, in layman's terms, a different type of caffeine that is nearly identical in terms of chemical composition. Shrug. Not that I much care, cos caffeine is OK in my book anyway.

The Tea Spot's Mate Limon Chai is a delicious concoction strong on the oils and essences of that golden citrus fruit. A whiff of the dried mix is delightful - a cross between Country Time Lemonade powder and lemon scented Joy that - despite those horrible reference points - gets your taste buds a-watering. The 100% Organic ingredients within are a blend of yerba mate, chicory root, citrus peel & essential oil, lemongrass, hibiscus, ginger, coriander, and cinnamon.

The Tea Spot, for all its wealth of information, does not give suggested brewing times for this blend. I did catch the recommendation off an image from the product itself and they recommend 3-6 minutes with water that has boiled then cooled for 1 minute. However, you can't go too wrong, as with most yerba mate and/or herbal blends, as there is really no detrimental effects with oversteeping. To play it safe, I kept in their parameters with the temperature around the 175-190 range, and stuck with a 5-6 minute brew length. It brews up to a deep, hazy orange-brown - interesting in that virtually all of the ingredients are light greens and yellows. A smell of the liquor reveals those citrus notes, with a somewhat-medicinal (homeopathic, that is) aroma that is not unpleasant as though it would sound.

The taste of the cup is downright tasty, and is a perfect match for summertime sipping. An herbal blend that gives a little extra punch/kick is a win-win here. The lemon essence is well complemented by the spices -- not overly spicy, not overly vegetal, and not overpoweringly lemony, but a great blend of all these flavors that hits the spot. Even when hot in the cup and on the palette, this still seems to have a cool and refreshing effect. I haven't tried this blend iced (yet) but I suspect it would be a true winner in that category as well.

Yerba Mate is a nice alternative to the usual humdrum, and this twist on that traditional offering -- with its blended mix of spices and lemon flavorings -- creates a great marriage of flavors. As of this writing, The Tea Spot is offering 25% off all Yerba Mate teas, and free UPS shipping on orders over $40.

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