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Thumbs up!"I'm still not fond of Flavored Teas, but I still managed to enjoy this, with all credit to George Carlin."
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cupteavitystrawberryI've never been overly fond of flavored tea. As the, late, great George Carlin (Where on earth is cloning when you need it?) once said:
So let’s sum this up: If it’s fruit flavor you want, you can’t go wrong with fruit. Or, as I’ve pointed out, fruit juice. Don’t be ordering tea. Tea has tea flavor. It’s not like fruit. It’s more like tea. If you want tea, I say order tea. That’s a different experience. It’s known as “having tea.”

Have you noticed, by the way, there are no tea-flavored fruits? Take a clue from nature.”

So a Strawberry flavored blend of green tea and Mint is not exactly my idea of beverage paradise. Flavored tea gains its fruity taste from elaborate and arcane chemical processes that, in my opinion, diminish the tea, and removes the exotic and wonderful qualities of your friendly neighborhood Jade Empress.

One thing I felt a little bad about on brewing these leaves, is how beautifully they unraveled. It seems a Crime to flavor what are, fairly obviously, very good quality leaves. In fact I have emailed the Leaf Police your URL and they shall be round shortly to detain you for questioning. Still, the gentile and sweet flavor of fresh strawberries somewhat softened the blow. One thing I've found with many of the better Teas is a fresh mouth feel left as a parting gift. In this blend the mint fills the very-same role that the natural fluoride would normally fill. All in all its a very enjoyable cup, although its not really a good fit for my own cup, its probably perfect for lovers of good flavored green teas.

— To purchase Cupteavity Cool Strawberry, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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