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Its OK"Though not exceptionally delicious, I found it to be a relaxing beverage. "
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redleafeightherbThere are two things I especially like about Red Leaf Tea. They do not charge for shipping - no matter what size the order. And their byline is “A collection of Exotic & Unique Teas from around the world. “ I’m excited by the thought of searching the planet for different tastes. This is probably why I like reviewing tea as well as listening to World Music.

Although I never would have guessed it from looking, there are eight different ingredients in Eight Herb Tea. It looks much like any other green herbal tea and even a bit like oregano. Nevertheless, this tisane is a mixture of spearmint, rosemary, lemon balm, linden, eucalyptus, wood betony, blackberry leaf, and eleuthero root. While the fragrance is unique, I was unable to discern any of these smells with the possible exception of mint and maybe rosemary. There are just too many scents for the human nose to process. I asked both my dogs if they were able to detect eight distinct aromas. Both twitched their noses and then licked their lips (the puppy may have been less certain as he attempted to taste the ingredients). I took their responses as a yes.

When the ingredients are wet, there is a definite smell of mint and I might have been able to make out a hint of eucalyptus. I steeped one teaspoon of this blend in six ounces of water for nine minutes. This produced a greenish-yellow liquor with a nondescript order. I was not even able to detect the mint.

The taste was also subdued, but the liquid was soothing with a very nice rich and thick body; surprising I thought for a bunch of herbs. My own body was telling me that although this Is not a beverage I would drink because of its remarkable flavor, it is good for my health.

I would place this product in the medicinal section of my tea collection and be quick to try it as a remedy for an upset stomach or excess stress. Though not exceptionally delicious, I found it to be a relaxing beverage.

— To purchase Red Leaf Tea Eight Herb Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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