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Its OK"Rather than working well together, the 3 flavors here (licorice, peppermint and cloves) almost seem to have battled each other into submission. They sounded like an absolute winner together, but they have fallen absolutely flat."
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redleaflicoricemintRed Leaf Tea offers this blend of mint, licorice and cloves. Upon first inspection this tea appears less vibrant than it should. The image on Red Leaf's website shows a nice, healthy, fresh blend, but in the bag it just all appears so much more lackluster. I'm not sure what it is. That aside, the aroma from the dried blend gave an equally puzzling lack of character. The vague scent was quite pleasant, but just not as pungent as I'm used to with a mint tea.

Red Leaf's recommended infusion is with sub-boiling water for 5 to 12 minutes - a fairly wide range, open to experimentation and interpretation! I decided to start with 9 minutes for my first cup, merely because that put me at a nice, even 2-o'clock cupping time. The liquor remained pale throughout the brew, darkening up slightly in the last few minutes to a darker yellow. the aroma in the cup is more to what I anticipated, but still not as strong as what they should be. All 3 ingredients are evident on the nose - and in taste, but barely. The overall effect here is somewhat medicinal, rather than pleasantly soothing.

There's a general earthy character to this blend that contrasts what I was expecting. I anticipated a sweet and flavorful cup, but instead this seems rather dull and drab, perhaps a bit "dirty" or dusty, and just not that thrilling. Rather than working well together, the flavors almost seems to have battled each other into submission where none of the three rises to the top, or seems of great quality. I envision these ingredients being harvested from the wild, grown in subpar soils, under-hydrated, and malnourished. It's a shame, because these 3 flavors sounded like an absolute winner together. But they have fallen absolutely flat here.

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