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Thumbs up!"The chamomile is sweet in a honey-apple way. For the most part, the rooibos takes a back seat to the chamomile, although probably contributes to the overall smoothness and adds a touch of nutty sweetness."
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chaibabybeautyChai, Baby's beauty blend is so called because, according to their website, rooibos, which is one of many ingredients in this tea, "is incredibly high in antioxidants, and also contains iron, calcium, zinc and -- wow! -- alpha hydroxy acids! What an amazing, all-natural formula to promote clear & healthy skin!". As I've said before, I tend to ignore health and beauty claims made by tea vendors and prefer to enjoy tea for its taste alone; making me healthier, prettier, longer-lived or endowed with a super-human power would be considered an added bonus. This tea comes packaged in transparent sachets so you can see what's going on inside. In this case, it was easy to pick out rooibos and chamomile, both present in individually small pieces but altogether large volume. Rosehips and hibiscus are also added to the blend, although I learned this from the website and not from being able to visually distinguish them in the sachet. One thing that bothered me was that the full list of ingredients in this tea is not disclosed. Instead, the ingredients list reads as "... Rooibos, as well as hibiscus, chamomile, rosehips and more." I would really like to know what was included in the "and more" catch-all designation.
I prepared this tea by steeping the sachet for several minutes in boiling water. The tea looks much like any other rooibos but smells and tastes predominantly like chamomile. I love chamomile, so I had no problem with this tea. The chamomile is sweet in a honey-apple way. I felt like I could almost taste a hint of cinnamon in the blend. For the most part, the rooibos takes a back seat to the chamomile, although probably contributes to the overall smoothness and adds a touch of nutty sweetness. I couldn't really taste the rosehips or the hibiscus, which for me is a good thing, as I don't really like those ingredients anyway. I sampled this tea as a hot drink and as an iced tea, and I found that this tea works far better as a hot drink. While the tea was refreshing as a cold beverage, I just found the flavors to be more enjoyable when the tea was hot. As a hot drink, this tea was soothing and relaxing, and I just didn't get that same sense when I tried it as an iced tea.
In all, this was a tasty blend and one that I did enjoy. However, because much of what I enjoyed was the chamomile flavor, which overpowered the other ingredients, I am not sure I would be willing to fork over $18 for 16 of these sachets (although yes, each sachet can be infused two or more times). A good quality chamomile could offer much of the sweet and fruity flavor that this tea deliveres, but at a fraction of the price. If you are seeking the beauty-boosting antioxidants and minerals in the rooibos contained in this blend, however, then you would be justified in opting for this tea rather than a plain chamomile tea.

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