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Its OK"To be honest, I don't drink much of it because there are other types of black tea that I prefer to Keemun."
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narienkeemun"Keemun Imperial is a full-bodied, sweet tea from the Anhui province of China. Keemun is known as the "burgundy of teas". Infuses into a reddish-gold cup with fruity aroma." --- Narien Teas' website.

Narien Teas is a company that I have heard of through Twitter and through the blogs of others that I follow, but I had never tried any of their blends until recently. I have to say that their Formosa Fanciest Oolong was pretty darn good. They have a nice website and seem to position themselves as a more 'serious' tea company though they do offer a number of flavored blends. My experience with Keemun has been pretty random and I don't think that I've ever reviewed one. To be honest, I don't drink much of it because there are other types of black tea that I prefer to Keemun. However, I like to keep my tea drinking experience somewhat rounded. Therefore, I feel it is important to try new things now and then, and occasionally even re-try things to see if my palate has maybe become more sophisticated--or forgiving.

I did not find any brewing parameters on Narien's website so I used my standard black tea protocol---boiling water and close to a 4 min infusion. The resulting cup is what I am going to call a typical, average Keemun. The tea is somewhat heavy and has that liquoring effect that they talk about that is common in Keemuns. I am also reminded why Keemuns are not my favorite black tea---they have this taste to them that reminds me of something old. I don't want that to be taken as the tea is not fresh or dusty or even anything about THIS tea in particular. Rather this is just a characteristic of Keemuns in general. I don't think that I could call this a particularly good or bad example of Keemun.

Overall, I personally wouldn't buy this blend. For me to buy any Keemun, it would probably have to be one that is exceptional and even then, I don't think Keemun is one of those things that I want to dig deep in my wallet for. Once upon a time I had a really exceptional Keemun and it was a bit pricey. If you've never tried one before, then you might consider this a good starting point as it is fairly representative of the tea. However, this blend is just average at best and not one that I'd go out of my way for. This really is just not for me.

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