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Thumbs up!"The drink's flavor is rather complex. It is sometimes dominated by cinnamon with berry notes and, at other times, by grassy notes. This does not have a typical green yerba mate flavor."
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mightyleaf-spirulina.jpg"Spirulina Stamina herbal tea is an aromatic and nurturing mélange of herbs, vitamin C-rich rosehips that meld with stimulating cinnamon, black currants, and schizandra. Finishing off the blend, calming lemon balm is joined by blackberry leaves, mineral-rich green yerba maté tea and superfood spirulina, rich in protein, iron, magnesium and the highest source of vitamin B-12." ----Mighty Leaf website.

It is with both trepidation and excitement that I try this blend from Mighty Leaf. I have tried a number of blends from Mighty Leaf that sounded particularly interesting and appealing (as this one does), but have had a pretty mixed bag of experiences. However, Teaviews seems to get relatively little yerba mate and, as a mate lover, I am thrilled to try out a new blend containing it. Yerba mate does not contain caffeine, but instead contains its cousin, mateine. Mateine will also buzz you up quite a bit (also great for curing hangovers) so I do not suggest drinking this before bed unless you are not sensitive to caffeine derivatives.

When I ripped open my sample, the dominating aroma to greet my nose was actually cinnamon! I am not sure why that surprised me, but I think I was just expecting it to mostly smell like green yerba mate. I will note that this blend rates pretty highly on the Mighty Leaf website. I prepared this according to Mighty Leaf's instructions, which involved boiling water and about a 7 min infusion. It brewed up to a light bronze color and the aroma of the liquid was also dominated by cinnamon. The drink's flavor is rather complex. It is sometimes dominated by cinnamon with berry notes and, at other times, by grassy notes. This does not have a typical green yerba mate flavor. That flavor is hard to describe, yet very distinct. The flavor profile has a natural sweetness to it and it really does not require sweetener. At certain temperatures, this even has a sweet and sour aspect that I found quite interesting. I did enjoy the way a pinch a rock cane sugar brought out the cinnamon notes a bit more.

This is one of the best yerba mate blends that I have tried, one of the best herbals that I've had in a long time, and probably my favorite offering from Mighty Leaf. If you like mate, or are considering expanding your horizons some, this one rates right up there in my top three favorite yerba mate blends of all time. My favorites are all very different and this is the only one that contains green yerba mate in the top 3. Some of this will definitely be making its way into my cupboard and soon. Further, this is very reasonably priced at just $8.95 for 4 oz.

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