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Thumbs up!"simple, practical, and functional… not to mention cute! The teapot contains an ingenious use of a spring-like coiled wire in the spout to trap tea leaves as the tea is poured. "
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jingonecupteapotJing’s Glass One-Cup Teapot set is simple, practical, and functional… not to mention cute! The set consists of a one-cup teapot, a teacup, and a saucer, all made of clear glass to allow one to observe the infusion process and admire the color of the brew. My first impression of this teapot was that even though it was a “one-cup” teapot, it was rather small. However, my first impression was deceiving, as this holds enough water (just under 12 ounces) to make a generous single cup of tea, or even two smaller cups. The teapot is simple in that it consists of only a) the pot with the straining device attached, and b) the lid. Rather than having a strainer basket or other common device to separate infused leaves from the brew, this teapot contains an ingenious use of a spring-like coiled wire in the spout that effectively traps tea leaves as the tea is poured. This makes for an interesting conversational piece, and also eliminates the potential mess, in the form of tea droplets, that often occurs when removing a straining basket from the pot. Because this teapot is a simple design, cleaning it is a breeze. To remove the steeped leaves, I simply fill the pot with water and dump out the contents by tipping the teapot upside down. I have used this pot to brew about 8 cups of tea already and haven’t had a single problem with leaves passing through the wire coil, nor with leaves getting clogged in the wire coil to make cleaning it a hassle. I would imagine that the wire coil strainer is not appropriate for blends made of very small pieces, such as broken leaf blends and rooibos. However, such teas require the finest mesh, and if the coils were tightened any amount to allow for infusing small particles like this, I think this would actually impede water flow out the spout and take away from the whole performance of this teapot.

The teacup is perfectly matched to the volume of the teapot, so that the entire infusion can be poured at once and no water remains in with the leaves. I really admired the simplicity of this teacup and saucer. The biggest asset is the transparency of the glass allowing you to see the color of the brewed liquid. The teacup is short and fairly wide which allows one to really catch the aroma of the brewed liquid. These factors really enhance the tea drinking experience and elevate it to a multi-sensory experience. I noticed that the handle of the teacup was not “ergonomically designed” to match my hands, but this is a silly side point and one that will vary with the size and shape of each person’s hands.

In all, I am really enjoying this tea set and would definitely recommend it to others. This would make an ideal gift for the tea lover in your life. Jing describes this teaware as “perfect for home, work or on your travels”. Now common sense hasn’t always been my strong suit, but it seems to me that this set obviously wouldn’t travel well, since the items are made of glass. However, his teaware is dishwasher and microwave safe so it’s not so delicate as to be impractical.

— To purchase JING Glass One-Cup Teapot Set, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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