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Its OK"A little toasty, a little chocolate-y and a little raspberry-esque to boot, there are some nice flavors in this tea. "
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gypsycacaoberryThis tea offering from Zhena's comes in a sachet and contains an abundance of ingredients - notably cacao nibs and berry bits in a base of sencha and rooibos tea. One of the things I like about Zhena's sachets is that the loose tea really has some room to move around. The tea is attractive to the eye and has a warm, chocolatey scent.

Treating this tea as a green, I allowed my water to hit about 180 to 185. I brewed the sachet for 4 minutes. The tea immediately has a coffee like flavor to me, but not quite so strong as that. Reviewing the ingredients, I see that chicory is an ingredient (chicory was used as a coffee substitute during rationing times in the past and is still commonly drunk in areas of the south, I believe). I'm not usually a fan of chicory, but in this blend, it really works nicely. It seems to compliment the cacao well and the toastiness of the chicory saves this tea from seeming like a weak flavored coffee. There are also nice nuances of berry in there.

A little toasty, a little chocolate-y and a little raspberry-esque to boot, there are some nice flavors in this tea.

Zhena's markets this as a "woman's tea" and sort of a health supporting brew, though I imagine men could happily and safely enjoy it as well, if they don't mind the pink can, ho ho ho! Her notes from the website are as follows: "Cacao (pronounced cuh-COW) nibs are pure raw chocolate. High in antioxidants, cacao contains over 300 compounds including: protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium helps to build strong bones and is a cramp and muscle relaxant associated with feelings of bliss and calmness. Cacao is also high in sulfur, which helps form strong nails and healthy hair." Zhena has custom blended this tea and it might be a tea you enjoy adding to your day, particularly if tea and chocolate is appealing to you for any of their many potential health benefits.

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