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Its OK"This is a creamy rooibos, quite unique, but the orange doesn't blend well with an otherwise smooth tea. The result is fair."
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localselbyThis rooibos is blended with orange peel and dried yogurt. The aroma from the dried material smells exactly like orange yogurt while the liquid version offers something a little closer to an orange drink without the yogurt. The site didn't offer me brewing instructions, so I attempted one teaspoon with eight ounces boiling water for five minutes. Alternative timeframes produced either similar or inferior results.

The rooibos core is notable and pleasant. The yogurt provides a creamy layer over the naturally quiet texture of the rooibos. Although the sum result is still reasonable, the orange is excessive and takes up too much of the flavor spectrum. It feels too bright.

The real key to this tea is that yogurt presence. As unusual as it seemed prior to consumption, I believe that the creamy addition has great potential. The primary problem in this case is that the quantity of orange doesn't blend well. It might also be argued that orange isn't the correct fruit to throw into the interesting experiment. I believe that something sweeter would have produced a better tea.

Although counterpoints can be made, I prefer rooibos as an evening tea. The lack of caffeine combined with the heat and emotional properites of the beverage create a pleasant nightcap. In this case, it seems that the intention is to produce an afternoon drink, particularly in the case of the loud orange.

In summary, this is a fair tea. I don't agree with the proportions, or perhaps instead with the selection of fruit, but the unusual texture of the rooibos is nice. It's an interesting tea and certainly not bad, but it could have been something more.

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