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Thumbs up!"The matcha marries very nicely with that toasted rice flavor and provides a bit of sweet creaminess to the blend."
Laura’s Teaview: 8/10
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tavalongenmaimatcha"An intensely flavored and colored green tea blend of Genmai cha and Matcha, with a rich roasted taste and creamy texture." ---Tavalon website.

So, this is only my second experience with Genmai cha. I had this blend once before when it was prepared for me in a tea shop and I think that preparation was a bit bitter. I liked what I picked up on the toasted rice taste, but did not care for the somewhat swampy bitterness that cup provided. As my green tea horizons have been expanding as of late, I decided to request this to sample. Since I am a relative novice when it comes to Genmai cha, I followed Tavalon's brewing instructions to the letter of the law and even busted out my thermometer. I am usually an intuitive brewer and rarely have any issues on my own, but I wanted to make sure that I had this right (especially in the event that I hate this).

Fortunately, that is not the case here. The cup brews up to a somewhat cloudy green similar in color to a watery pea soup. I know that doesn't sound overly appealing, but the taste is really what matters, right? This has a nice full flavor profile and the first flavor to greet my taste buds is the toasted rice. I am somewhat of a freak and tend to like a number of things lightly burned or toasted (especially chocolate chip cookies) so this flavor really appeals to me. The green tea base is somewhat covered up by the matcha and toasted rice flavors. The matcha marries very nicely with that toasted rice flavor and provides a bit of sweet creaminess to the blend. One thing to point out is that you need to periodically stir this blend because otherwise the Matcha sits on the bottom and will make the last few sips taste a bit bitter and funky.

While I may not be the best person to rate this tea as my experience with Genmai cha is so limited, but I really loved this. I liked that the Matcha and toasted rice covered any swampy or vegetalness of the Japanese green tea. The Matcha brought a sweet component to the cup that I found to be interesting. I had actually been putting off reviewing this tea for some time as I was afraid that I might not enjoy the blend---and well the greenness of the sample is a little scary. However, my fears were not founded. I look forward to consuming the remainder of my sample and trying more Genmai cha blends. Thumbs up!

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One Response to “Review: Tavalon Genmai Matcha”

  1. Martin P. Says:

    Genmaicha ranks among my favorite green tea varieties. I just love the taste of toasted rice on the tea.

    It’s kinda like having a nice popcorn snack.

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