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Not Great"I would caution that those that don't love ginger need to avoid this blend as this is probably the most intensely ginger blend that I have ever tried."
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ayurveda-morning-herbal-tea"The refreshing tastes of ginger and lemon together with tangy orange give you the best start for the day. The tea is not only good to clear the energy channels of your body but also very helpful in stimulating your digestion and appetite." ---Ayurveda Pura website.

So, first things first... When I originally went out to this company's website, I was in the process of selecting tea samples for review. They sell lots of Ayurvedic products including tea, massage oils, food supplements, etc. Out of their blends, this was the only one that sounded as though I might like it as the others had ingredients that I often find objectionable. The website lists the ingredients in this blend as Ginger Root, Lemon Peel, Lemon Grass and Orange Peel---all ingredients that I like. When my sample arrived it looked, well, a little unappealing. Unappealing in the way that blends that feature Matcha often look---all coated with something. In this case, the contents of the entire package seem to be coated in a yellow dust, which I presume to be ginger? The sample smells very strong of citrus and ginger. I'm not sure it is the dust covering everything or the amount of ginger used in this blend (or both), but every time I smelled it I had to sneeze.

Let's just say that this blend and I got off on the wrong foot. When it came time to prepare this, I did my normal preparation which was boil some water, put some of the blend into my Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, and infuse. When I came back a few minutes later to release the contents into my cup, something happened that has NEVER happened before! The fine particles in this blend were so many and so dense that this stuff actually stopped up the filter in the bottom of my tea maker! WTH?! I then tried to stir it a bit in order to get the tea maker to release the contents and just got dribbling. After several minutes of trying to stir the mixture so as to unplug my tea maker and get it to release the contents, I finally gave up and ended up with only about a half cup. The liquid was also a bit unappealing looking in a cloudy radioactive kind of way. However, ultimately the most important thing is the taste---and the taste made me grimace. I am a lover of ginger, but this is ginger gone wild and wrong. By far, the most disgusting blend I have ever tasted. Why would they not to put this stuff into a tea bag I wondered? Maybe that would stop the tiny little particles from plugging up the tea maker. Then I noticed on their website that they sell it with filters. I happen to have filters.

I proceeded to make another preparation using my tea filters and the same amount of the blend. Oh, and this time, I added rock cane sugar to see if that would make it less pungent. Amazingly, the flavor improved when brewed in a tea filter. This is still very ginger heavy with a somewhat pleasant citrus backdrop. The ginger kinda zings ya on the finish and after you swallow although to an extent that is almost unpleasant. I would caution that those that don't love ginger need to avoid this blend as this is probably the most intensely ginger blend that I have ever tried. This isn't completely terrible when prepared in the tea filter, but the dense sludge in the bottom of my tea filter is still lingering in my mind and a bit off-putting.

So, obviously, I am not a fan of this blend. If it is loose leaf, then it should not be mandatory that I use a filter in order for the blend to be enjoyable. I guess I don't understand the logic in not just bagging this stuff. It is clearly made of mostly particles and powder. I have a tried a number of blends that have similar ingredients and flavor profiles. If I were looking for something like this blend, then this is not the one that I would go with. Further, tea maker incident was a major turn-off. The one nice thing that I can find to say is that their shipping from London is very reasonable.

— To purchase Ayurveda Pura Morning Herbal, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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