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Its OK"First Class DragonWell consisting of consists of small bud and leaf sets that have been hand fired."
Shaiha’s Teaview: 5.5/10
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jingpreraindragonwellI am the first to admit that I am primarily a black tea drinker however in my journey I am finding many wonderful side roads. I have tried some flavored green teas and found them delightful so now it is time to try some green tea straight. I decided to start this journey by sampling some of the best first. Jing Tea’s Pre-Rain Organic Dragon Well Supreme was picked on April 1st, 2009 from the Dragon’s Staff garden in Zhejiang China. The tea is certified both organic and Fair Trade. The tea itself is consists of small bud and leaf sets that have been hand fired. My sample doesn’t appear to have any broken leaves or shake. Rather impressive considering the many times that it is shipped before it makes it to my kitchen. The scent of the dried leaves reminds me to growing alfalfa hay.

As the tea was brewing in water cooled to 75C, I enjoyed watching the tea leaves dance. I used 2 teaspoons for my 12 ounce mug. As I was pouring the tea into my mug, the first thought that struck me was how it spelled of asparagus. In paying closer attention, I am still able to pick up the alfalfa with just a hint of a citrus scent. The taste itself also reminds me of asparagus. I was catching just a hint of other flavors but I just wasn’t able to get separate them from the asparagus.

Jing Tea Pre-Rain Organic Dragon Well Supreme was not a tea that I really enjoyed. I know that the fault lays not with the tea but instead with my taste-buds. I just find that as much as I love asparagus, I don’t care to find that taste in my teas. Just looking at the leaves themselves, I know that this is a first rate tea. So if you enjoy green teas, then I am sure that Jing Tea Pre-Rain Organic Dragon Well Supreme is right up your alley and you will love it.

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One Response to “Review: JING Pre-Rain Organic Dragon Well Supreme”

  1. Martin Says:

    You madam, are the epitome of a poor amazon-like reviewer.

    You’ve just wasted 3 minutes of my life. 1 min reading your lousy review and 2 minute writing this reply.

    Don’t rate things that you don’t know how to value.

    People who stop by and skim your 5.5/10 rating would be inclined to think this is a bad tea, which it is definately not.

    I rate YOU, Shaiha, 2/10.


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