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Thumbs up!"When I took my first sips from it I was immediately struck by the strawberry flavor that was complemented by some nice floral oolong notes all in the same sip!"
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naiveteastrawberryoolong"Intense strawberry aroma with hints of oolong. Light and smooth body with a joyful blend of strawberries and subtle oolong.. Elegant finish with a natural sweet after taste." ---Naivetea website.

This is the third offering from Naivetea that I have had the good fortune to sample. Naivetea is a company that specializes in oolong offerings and has a number of fragrance-infused oolongs. I did a little poking around on their website and found a whole area devoted to what being fragrance-infused means. One tidbit that I found interesting was that a fragrance-infused oolong will stand multiple infusions without losing either the fragrance or the flavor. In fact, it is possible that the fragrance/flavor will outlast the oolong itself. Naivetea seems to be most skillful at layering the fragrance/flavors in their oolongs, and I have been fairly impressed with their offerings.

I prepared this using water cut just short of boiling and infused the leaves and other little strawberry seeds(?) for 20 seconds. The resulting cup is pretty darned good. When I took my first sips from it I was immediately struck by the strawberry flavor that was complemented by some nice floral oolong notes all in the same sip! The strawberry flavor may not be the most natural that I've tasted and it reminds a bit of strawberry candy. However, it is a nicely done strawberry flavor nonetheless. Overall, the first infusion is more dominated by strawberry than oolong. Oddly, with both the Yuzu and the Passionfruit offerings, I noticed a creamy mouthfeel as I drank the first infusion that I am not noticing with this one. I believe it is the same oolong in each of the offerings and that threw me off a little. It is probably a case of ME being off, but I thought I'd mention it.

I prepared a second and third infusion of this blend, and I seldom drink 3 infusions of anything in the same day. For each subsequent infusion, I used water cut just short of boiling and increased my steep time by 15 seconds. The balance of strawberry and oolong changed a bit with the oolong becoming slightly more prevalent in each subsequent infusion. The thing that makes me love this is that not only is the strawberry flavor good, but the oolong seems to be a quality offering as well. It is a lovely floral green oolong that holds its own in terms of being delicious. If I had to pick a favorite infusion, then I would have to pick the second infusion, but they were all good. I quit at 3 infusions, but I am certain that both the leaves and the strawberry fragrance/flavor would have given up a fourth and beyond.

Of the Yuzu, Passionfruit and Strawberry Oolong offerings from Naivetea, the Strawberry Oolong is my favorite. It is nicely done and unique in that I don't know of any other oolong that have their fragrance/flavor so skillfully layered. Further, it is like having the best of both worlds because the Alishan oolong used in this is delicious. This one goes on a my short list of items that I plan to order as I replenish teas for my personal stash.

— To purchase Naivetea Strawberry Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Lisa B Says:

    Very detailed the name alone makes this tea very appealing.

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